If you’re one of many that need to be reminded to apply sunscreen throughout the day, then Prosport 8 hour waterproof sunscreen is for you.

Avoid the damaging effects of Sunburn after you apply it once in the morning and are then ready to ride all day long in confidence!

Developed for those who lead a busy and action packed lifestyle, Prosport 8 hour waterproof sunscreen has a unique formula which is easy to apply, non greasy, waterproof and sweatproof and provides 8 hours of sun protection from a single application.

It’s a must for World class professional skiers, snowboarders, triathletes, surfers, windsurfers, divers, climbers, kayakers, runners, lifeguards, swimmers and other outdoor enthusiasts, so let it be the sun protection for you.

Just one single application provides 8 hours of effective waterproof sun (UVA & UVB) protection and has been rated number one in the industry 8 hour waterproof test every year since 1991. The unique Prosport formula dries and allows the wearer to sweat through the sun protection barrier – meaning no more sunscreen in the eyes! The sunscreen contains Aloe Vera to protect and moisturise the skin, is non greasy, suitable for sensitive skin, 100% PABA free with no PABA derivatives and not tested on animals.

The Prosport range has 180ml tubes of sunscreen in SPF factors 44, 35, 15, all priced at £13.99. The range also includes Lip Ice, SPF 30, priced at £3.50 and Lip / nose jar, SPF 30, priced at £3.99

Prosport sunscreen is available from Fluidforce: www.fluidforce.co.uk/prosport

Words: Rosalyn Gomersall