Best Surfboards For Women

Buying a women's beginner surfboards is a subject of contention, because really, there's no straight forward answer.

If you're looking for a women's surfboard for sale, there's a good chance you didn't even realise there were so many different boards. You're probably tempted by the one with the Roxy design, am I right?

When you start surfing as a beginner, you have no idea if you are going to be a longboarder or a shortboarder, or if you're a big wave rider.

Did you know that surfing in the UK may require a different board to surfing in Australia?

So before you head down to your local surf shop and even before you start choosing out your wetsuit, have a read through these women's beginner surfboard options and figure out what will suit you best.

Foam boards are a good choice for new surfers learning how to catch waves

Ok, we admit that a foam surfboard doesn't scream cool surfer, but we all started here. When you're starting out on a beginner's surfboard, a soft top board is good shout for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, as a beginner, you're far more likely to fall off, lose your board or ride into someone else.

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Not only are they easier to catch waves on, the foam top on these boards really do soften that blow when you inevitably fall off.

Foamies also tend to be cheaper than your average fibreglass board and are available to rent at most surf shops - so you don't have to worry about shelling out too much on a board that won't end up not suiting you.

Foamies are getting better looking every year. Check out this cool one from The Board Shop.

Longboards give you the much needed extra balance needed when you start surfing

Longboards aren't just for cross stepping and hanging five. They are a great way to move onto riding hard boards.

The bigger board gives more balance to the rider, extending the amount of time you have to pop up when you do get on a wave. It moves a little faster, making catching wave more of a possibility.

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For good beginner longboards, check out brands like NSP, Cortez and BIC for their current range.

Word to the wise, at 9 to 10ft long, these aren't the best choice for a surf road trip. These babies won't be getting in your car!


Mini mals are a little shorter than longboards, usually between 7'4 and 8'0.

The shorter length and lighter weight makes it a great women's beginner surfboard for those who haven't yet built up the arm strength for a longboard but don't have the skills needed to ride a shortboard.

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One of the best ways to take advantage of a mini mal is by using it to build up your paddle fitness. It doesn't matter how nifty you are on a wave if you can't get out to catch them.

Do not be fooled into thinking these are just training boards. Some people choose to ride only mini mals for their entire life!

You can get some awesome mini mals out there.


Magic carpet surfboards are basically a long board with 3ft of length taken out of the middle.

They're great for travelling around with, as they can fit easily into the back of your car.

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If you think that you have got the basics nailed, but know that you don't want to be a longboard surfer, this might by the best bet for you.

The best thing about magic carpets is they are pretty adept at catching smaller waves before they've broken.

This gives beginners a good chance to test out their style before catching the bigger waves at the back!

Fluid Juice make awesome surfboards, including magic carpet designs.

Funboards are a good way learn to surf on a shortboard

Think you want to be a shortboarder?

The jump from longboard to shortboard might be more difficult than you imagine, so give yourself a chance by trying a 'big' shortboard, or funboard, first.

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Made with same design in mind and therefore good for duckdiving and practicing your cut back, the slightly longer length still gives beginners a little support.

SurfDome's online surf shop has some good options, have a browse and see what takes your fancy.