Choosing a good women's surf swimsuit is an important decision.

Before heading to your closest surf shop and picking out the raddest looking one on sale, there are a few things to take into consideration.

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A good swimsuit will have the right support, work under your wetsuit, stay in place, be able to withstand multiple wipe outs, all while still looking cute.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner just learning to surf or an old hand, petite or bigger busted. Everyone needs the same trust in their swimsuit!

ONeill Voda Surf Suit

Surfsuits were a bit of a trend last summer and they don't seem to be waining in popularity this year

The long sleeved top means there is absolutely no risk of any embarrassing flashes and nothing will come unexpectedly undone mid-wave.

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The style also means that you can get away with just wearing a surf swimsuit and not wearing a rash vest under your wetsuit!

O'Neill have this awesome women's surf swimsuit on sale for 2015 and its gone straight on our wishlist.

It won't get you a tan, but for surfing? It's spot on.


Good, adjustable straps are important to any woman's surf swimsuit.

Baku creates suits like this one with convertible straps to suit your body.

Lucy-Foster Perkins started out as a professional dancer before finding her path as a nomadic yoga teacher and surfer

The brand's fully lined swimsuits have shelf support and can be worn as a halter, over shoulder or crossed back.

Perfect for when you want a suit that looks good on the sand, but will do its job on the board.


Californian brand Banana Moon combine their sunny Cali attitude with clothing designed for outdoor sport and it works. The swimsuits they have on sale are bright and reliable.

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This women's surf swimsuit is covered and sturdy enough for hours of activity, but the front zip detail makes it look more Baywatch that mum-at-a-swimming-lesson.

We like the retro wetsuit vibe that this design has, along with the support of the thicker shoulder straps.


Seafolly is all about the beach.

Their women's surf swimsuits are super high quality, very important for female surfers who can't be doing with shoddy suits tearing and wearing away (no one want to have a see through suit!)

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This suit is supportive and covering on the front and detailed at the back for the best of both worlds.

We've been wearing our Seafolly suit both under wetsuits and on its own for years. It's still got a good few years ahead of it!


The most traditionally athletic brand on this list, Arena makes women's surf swimsuits for racing and training athletes.

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The company puts a lot of time into researching the suits they have on sale to create the best materials and styles to keep you comfortable when in the water.

Once upon a time, athletic brands meant simple suits with little thought put into style.

Times have changed and now Arena has a great range of different styles that will look great with your wetsuit!


Sweaty Betty is usually a brand more associated with yoga than water sports, but don't dismiss them so quickly while swimsuit hunting!

Check out this awesome women's surf swimsuit, brought out for this season's swim range.

The design of this suit is awesome. We love the double strap style, which will both look amazing and keep everything in place, no matter what size the swell is.

As well as being secure on top, this suits cut around the legs is slightly longer than other swimsuits on the high street, meaning you won't have to wear about getting a wave wedgie, for all the beach to see...


How pretty is this suit?!

Seea has designed a range of women's surf swimsuits, especially designed to work well under a wetsuit.

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For anyone nervous about showing a little more than they'd like when on a board, these suits are amazing (and look amazing too!)

We think that this brands swimsuits are so pretty however, that we'd put some shorts over and wear it all day long!

Prana Lahari One Piece

PrAna is a hardcore brand. Their clothes can survive rock climbing, hiking and more.

So it's no surprise that the women's surf swimsuits they have on sale are ready for a bit of adventure too!

This halterneck style suit comes in a variety of different colours and is cross strapped and the back for a bit of extra support.

We'd trust this suit to keep sturdy on the waves and look amazing too!