There's are few things in this world better than laying out or curling up with a good book in the fresh outdoors.

Whether you're sunning yourself on the beach, laying out after a picnic or passing time sailing along in a rowing boat, good literature and the great outdoors are a match made in heaven.

In case you've never experienced this luxury, or if you just don't believe us, here are 17 photos that are definitely going to convince you we're right.

Pick up your favourite page turner and meet us in the mountains...

A hiker reads a book high on an exposed mountain peak near Taipei, Taiwan.

Alone in the mountains of Taiwan. This looks like our idea of a good holiday.


You can't beat a bit of #hammocklife.


Although....can we make #swinglife a thing? Perfect reading spot.


We're not quite sure what this girl is floating along on....but we're still pretty jealous.


The front of this boat looks like the best place to get lost in a good story....


.....And the back looks like a pretty good spot as well!


A good novel, a blue sky and a perfect view. This is literally the dream.

Woman on Fleetwith Pike Reading a Book in Early Morning Light wi

Break up a day of solo hiking with a couple of chapters in this idyllic spot.


This kind of lazy day is the best...


....And a night reading under the stars is awesome too.


We definitely don't look this chic when digging into our current read, but next time we come across a lake, we'll give it a go!


Your younger relatives probably don't need their inflatables anyway...


I mean, come on...Have we convinced you yet?


The film of All The Pretty Horses was...pretty terrible. This person has got the right idea by choosing to go for the original Cormac McCarthy novel at the waterside.


What an amazing way to start a day.


It doesn't matter if you go extreme with your reading like this guy....


...or you're just chilling on a balcony. Books are always best when read outside!