Deciding which of your favourite exercises you can continue with throughout pregnancy is tough.

Some of them take a bit of getting used to, but are safe when done right(running, surfing), some you probably have to put away for nine months (kickboxing, base jumping)

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Yoga is an exercise that seems to suit pregnancy well, however there are a few important point you need to know before you get back into a yoga class.

Here's our guide to staying safe as a pregnant yogi.


There are many reasons to practice yoga throughout your pregnancy.

Prenatal yoga helps to improve your circulation and your posture and maintain muscle tone, all very important for that nine months!

The breathing techniques you learn during yoga, as well as the relaxation techniques are great to keep in mind for the fateful day when labour comes around.

Not only do you not have to give up one of your favourite types of exercise, turns out its actually one of the greatest ways to keep active and stay body aware over the nine months!


While yoga itself is fine during pregnancy, there's a large consensus that Bikram yoga should be avoided.

It's not so much the movement, as it is the temperature that is a no no for pregnant ladies.

Doctors worry that staying in the heat for long durations could hurt the foetus, causing 'internal hypothermia' and other complications.

Many yoga studios claim that this is only a worry during the first trimester, but we would suggest airing on the side of caution and leaving hot yoga till after the birth.


If you go to a regular yoga class, y0u need to be aware of the poses that aren't suitable for pregnancy.

Most inverted poses and any poses that compress your stomach should be avoided.

Here's a handy list of poses that shouldn't be practiced when you have a bump:

  • Deep forward bends
  • Deep twists
  • Lying on your back
  • Poses that work your abs
  • Extreme backbends
  • Inversions

Listen to you body, if a pose isn't on this list but you feel uncomfortable doing it, trust in your own instincts and give it a miss.


Any poses that connect you with your body and the way it's changing are fantastic for prenatal yoga.

The aim of these poses is to relieve stress and tension in your body and relax any aches and pains your experiencing

Here's five awesome yoga poses that can be practiced all the way through a pregnancy from Yoga With Adrienne:


If you still feel unsure about your trusting your knowledge when it comes to practicing yoga during your pregnancy, then you can easily find a specialist class.

Prenatal yoga classes are available all over the country and focus specifically on designing your yoga practice towards caring for your baby and yourself.

TriYoga has a great range of classes, with separate classes focusing on the different trimesters!