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Cover Girl: The little one: The incredible rise of Spanish surfer Casandra Castaños.

Faking it: The story behind Europe’s first artificial reef in Bournemouth.

Make or break: The chemicals in your beauty products.

“Are my pants tight enough?" - And 22 other snow fashion questions for winter.

Into the wild: The best wild swimming sites in the UK.

Surfing in a civil war: Why perfect waves are all about context.

Mountain of one: Why Everest is still an adventure.

The sun rising: Why Japan is a great place to shred.

Fashion: Daydream Believer - shot on location at Birling Gap.

Localism: we head to Cape Town to meet the resident surfers.

PLUS! Bits, music, film, lit, eco and a pro’s favourite things, all important dates for your diary, late summer sports and street fashion trends, the truth behind runner’s high, the lowdown on Oslo, the best Euro cities to cycle around, Dorothy Bugbee on life and lots more...