In our new Summer* issue...

  • She surfs, acts, models and lives in Hawaii, does our cover star SANOE LAKE have the sweetest life ever or what?
  • Read up on the SOUTH AFRICAN SURF SCENE to get the score on all the local rippers and best, and least shark-infested, spots
  • Get the lowdown on the female mountain bike scene in DIRTY PRETTY THINGS, mucky pups the lot of them
  • Ease your eco-conscience with our guide to cutting your CARBON FOOTPRINT
  • Find out how to fix a bike puncture, fire up a barbie and, gulp, survive a lion attack in SORT IT OUT

PLUS! 26 pages of sport & street chic fashion, the best chemical-free cosmetics, the world’s finest adventure hotspots and the chance to win a week’s surfing in Portugal, limited edition artwork and adventure clobber.

* Summer weather sadly not included