Hintertux Opening 2014

The Hotzone.tv Park Opening Hintertux celebrates its 10th anniversary and if you can't wait to get back on shred, then you should already mark this date in your diary! Because come October 2nd, the Betterpark on the plateau of the Hintertux glacier will open it's, erhm, gates again and invite you to shred your heart out.

Kicker Line, Mini Line, Jib Line - everything will shaped up, including a surprise birthday obstacle...

Plus more parties than you could survive through one weekend (we tried and ended up in bed for a week....), movie premieres, Kids activities, Aftershred shenanigans and of course all the latest gear for 2014/15 to test for free!

Stay tuned for more info coming soon and check out www.hotzone.tv

Kids Shooting at the Hintertux Opening 2014