I am out in Saas Fee Switzerland training with the British snowboard cross team on the course they have here, it's a really good course and there are lots of other would cup teams here to such as the Swiss, French, Swedish and Austrian.

We all go home the day after tomorrow though and it has been an eventful trip. Two of the others on the team have gone to hospital, one for a broken arm which needed an operation to fix it and another for a concussion, broken collar bone and broken wrist which also needs an operation!

We have been riding the course one at a time as well as racing four at a time. In one race the four of us went off a jump and one of the guys fell on the landing right in front of me! I turned as quickly as I could to avoid him but couldn't see anything because of all the snow that had been kicked up so I am was just thinking "I hope he is not in this part of the cloud I am riding through at 40 mph!"

As I said the end of the camp is not far off but I am out here again in two weeks time.