Helmets 15 post 2

We've been harping on about helmets a lot recently... but after our facts about helmets and guide to buying a helmet, we thought it would only be right to showcase our favourite helmets of 2015.

It's not been the best start to the winter in Europe, and with icy pistes and lots of exposed rocks, there's no better time to invest in some protection for your brain. The general industry standard for snowsport helmet construction is an ABS, PP or PC hard shell (basically a really strong polymer) and an EPS inner shell. EPS is expanded polystyrene and is the industry standard material for inner shells because it's light and has really good impact distribution properties, meaning it spreads out the force of a big impact.

So that's what they're made of, and without further ado, here are our favourites!

Anon Aera Post

The Anon Aera is designed to be practical and stylish, with a peak and padding around the brim to ensure that none of that pesky snow makes its way behind your goggle lenses.

And you can get it in this super sweet colour way - we love the patterned ear-cosy detail!

You can buy one from burton.com HERE.

K2 Ally Post

The Ally helmet prides itself on being super lightweight, as well as super small, so for those with small head issues, this is the helmet for you! Win-win.

You can pick one up HERE at Blue Tomato.

Bern Lenox EPS Post

Bern is one of the original manufacturers of helmets that we actually wanted to be seen in, and their signature design is still rocking in 2015.

The Lenox EPS (unlike sister version the Lenox Hard Hat) is designed to take big impact and protect you after a big slam - and with the right padding it can be used as a bike helmet, too!

Pick one up HERE from Blue Tomato.

TSG Pro Design Caja

Freeskier Caja Schoepf's pro model helmet is super stylish and will protect your head like nobody's business. It's designed to be really well-fitting and low profile, too so you can feel super confident, wherever you're riding.

Available from Blue Tomato.

Poc Receptor BUG Post

This super sleek helmet from Poc is designed to be almost impenetrable, which makes it a great helmet for use in the backcountry. It's got two overlapping ABS shells which offer double protection against rocks to the head, and you can open and close the vents, so you'll never have a sweaty head (or, at least a slightly less sweaty head).

Pick one up from the Poc website HERE.

Sandbox Classic Snow Post

We may have said previously that simple is better when it comes to helmets, but we can't resist a bit of tie dye! Especially when it's on Sandbox's super cool signature helmet.

Available from Absolute Snow.

Roxy Muse Post

This is a super stylish helmet with the perfect amount of detail; it's designed to be low profile and light, while still keeping your head well protected. It's perfect for freestyle, allowing you a good range of vision and movement while still being well constructed and strong.

Pick one up from Roxy.co.uk HERE.

Smith Allure

This helmet claims to be one of the lightest and most well fitting on the market, and after reading the reviews, we could be tempted to agree. It's got an adjustable fit system so will fit you even if you have a funny shaped head and still offers maximum protection - the ultimate stealth helmet.

Grab one from Edge&Wax HERE.


We had to put a few funny ones in here too! It's always important to remember that a helmet's a helmet, it doesn't need fancy gimmicks like a bobble hat forced over the top, or a detachable Storm-Trooper-esque face protector. And if anyone says otherwise then they are quite possibly lying.

Happy helmet shopping!