adidas farm

We love collabs. We love print. And we love illustration. Maybe we're typical magazine people and suckers for the instant visual gratification of a colourful pattern on a page, but whatever, printed and illustrated clothes look great IRL too.

First up are adidas Originals and their tropical makeover by The FARM Company. We were really into the spring collection but the July drop is arguably even more eye-poppingly Brazilian.

adidas farm

Vans, masters of creative collabs, teamed up with Stussy and came up with these fluoro-injected new models:

[part title="VANS x STUSSY"]


This mix of neon yellow, graphic black and white and cream on a pair of Old Skools is just the right kind of perfect... Our favourite!


Check out how Billabong and artist-surfer Felicity Palmateer mix ocean vibes with a tribal spirit:


billabong x felicity palmateer

Most of the designs that are in this collab I designed while I was in in Indonesia last year so I drew a lot of my inspiration from the Balinese culture especially the detail of the temple architecture. I also draw a lot of inspiration from things that I find washed up on the beach such as feathers and drift wood with beautiful patterns that have naturally happened over time as they have been rolled and tossed through the sea,

says Felicity who started surfing when she was five and loves prettying up her boards with her intricate artwork:

billabong x felicity palmateer

Well, and here are is her super cool Billabong collab...

billabong x felicity palmateer