Lucy Adams Photo Diary - Gran Canaria

This Saturday 29 June the Girl Skate Jam hits Pioneer Skatepark in St.Albans and we're stoked, wanna know why?

1. Lucy Adams will be there. And she's ALWAYS a skate crowd pleaser. That's her doing a huge ollie above (not in St. Albans mind, in case those palm trees didn't give the game away). Others vying for the 200 note prize purse (courtesy of Rubicon) include Stef Nurding, Dani Gallacher, Cora Stocker, Emma Richardson, plus Mary Sweet and Claire Alleaume from France, Silvia Serret March from Spain and Julia Bruekler from Austria.

10 Years of the Girl Skate Jam UK

2. It has a long history of radness. 12 years in fact, that's longer than our magazine has existed or most dogs in fact. Bow wow wow.


3. Tie Dye High Five will be in the house. With Hannah Bailey from Neon Stash (above) showing you how it's done. Think of it as all the fun of getting your face painted as a kid but better as you won't get your skin scrubbed raw by your mum before bedtime! AND you'll have a fly bespoke tee or tote to show for it.

4. Nikita is doing the barbie. Well not literally, impressive as that would be, but their human incarnation and UK head of marketing Michelle Rushbrooke. A staple at the event, she'll be cooking up meat/veggie/vegan fare for your chowing down pleasure.

5. Pioneer Skatepark is a special place, even though St. Albans may reek of snoozy commuterville a little. Sure it didn't make our coolest skateparks ever list but that feature was more about the visual than the vibe. It staved off execution a couple of years back, of the kind Southbank is facing now, and as an act of solidarity Jenna Selby, founder of Rogue Skateboards and organiser of the Girl Skate Jam, is organising a skate at Southbank at 11am this Friday 28 June.

For more info on that and the event in general head on over to the Girl Skate Jam UK facebook page here and to whet your appetite watch last year's highlights below: