Name: Amandine Sanchez

Age: 22

From: France, Basque Country

Sponsors: O'Neill Europe, Gallaz, Vestal, Island Style.

Briefly describe yourself... I like surfing, travelling all over the world and having fun with my family and friends. When I'm not surfing, I spend my time hairdressing and practising all kinds of sports.

Talk us through your average day... I wake up early, go and check the waves and I choose the best spot. I have lunch with my boyfriend and I go and check again. That's the perfect day!

How long have you been riding? 6 years.

Best achievement: The whole of the season 2005.

Best trick: Pipe, Carve.

Biggest rush: Hawaii

Scariest moment: That would be Hawaii too!

Favourite riders: Andy Irons, Anne Gael Hoareau, Chelsea Georgeson

Favourite place to ride and why: Anglet in France because it's my home, and Reunion Island - my second home.

What essential items do you pack in your suitcase for a trip? Clothes, beauty products, surfboards, bath towels, sunglasses, suncream and my notebook.

Top 3 tunes: SDF by Thomas Chevalier, La Case by Baster and Alpha by Blondie.

How do you stay in shape? Good food, keeping healthy and practising sporty activities.

Favourite foods: Anything without Gluten. I like all foods, especially sushi and exotic food.

Must-have beauty product: La Roche Posay - great French products.

Beauty tip: Cleanse your face every day and always wear suncream.

Favourite clothing brands: O’Neill for sure!

Fashion tip: Always accessorise.

Which celeb’s style do you admire: Cameron Diaz

Favourite quote: The true strength is to believe it.

Before I die I want to: To live without regret.