The second annual Skate the Coast event will be kicking off in Santa Monica, California, on August 30th to raise funds for Boarding 4 Breast Cancer.

Skate the Coast is a challenging longboarding marathon over a 19-mile stretch of LA County coastline, that attracts skaters of all ages and abilities who want to share a fun-filled day to raise funds for breast cancer education and awareness.

The original event, Skate the Lake, was created in 2005 by two Tahoe friends, Curt Sterner and Chuck Buckley, whose mum’s were battling breast cancer. Both frustrated by the toll that the disease was playing on their mothers and families, they decided to take their passion for longboarding and invite their friends to “Skate the Lake" with them to honour their mothers and help raise breast cancer awareness in their community. Since then Skate the Lake has spawned the Skate the Coast event and attracted more than 400 skaters who have raised over $15,000 for breast cancer awareness and education. There are also plans to make additional stops in other major cities in 2009.

This year the event has set a fundraising goal of $15,000, so click on to the event website and help them raise some funds!