Breeze in the Park

If you're a woman and you live in the UK, you should mark down Saturday, September 23rd 2012 with a big fat pen in your diaries to join female cyclists in biker heaven on earth!

Erh, again please, you ask? We could ramble on like above for a while (we're just getting a bit overexcited when it comes to cycling...), but in short: British Cycling has set up a series of great get together in parks all across the country to get more women into cycling and help out the ones who already are!

‘We want every single woman out there who has been inspired this summer to bring their bike, and their friends and families, along to the park to join us for a special Breeze bike ride.’

List of happenings:

Bradford – Lister Park 10 - 1pm

Bournemouth – Slades Farm in Ensbury Park 10 - 1pm

Hull – Peter Pan Park (Costello) 10 - 1pm

Kent – Cyclopark 10 – 1pm

London – Victoria Park (Tower Hamlets) 10 - 1pm

Manchester – Philips Park and NCC 10 - 1pm

Middlesbrough - Prissick Base 10 - 1pm(as part of Middlesbrough Cycling Sundays)

Preston – Avenham Park 10 - 1pm

Plymouth – Devonport Park 2- 4pm

What to bring: A bike, your pals and the kids but most importantly, a smile.

Cost: It’s FREE

Leading the way in women only bike rides, Breeze is encouraging women of all ages and abilities to get on their bikes. To be a part of history, just turn up on the day or visit to find out how you can get involved in the meantime. You’ll also find lots of ideas, tips and inspiring stories.