Name: Cat Scott

Age: 27 - eeek!

From: London (grrrrrrrr)

Briefly describe yourself: I'm a surf obsessed young lady trapped in London working at an animation company. I love mogul bashing in the winter and board dinging in the summer, and a lot of partying in between.

Biggest rush: Taking off on a face which is way bigger than I intended, and not cocking it up!

Scariest moment: Nose diving on that same face, especially the evening waves in Kuta Bali, they hold you under for soooo long!

Favourite riders: Gabe Davies, Robyn Davies, Bethany Hamilton & the Boex brothers.

Favourite holiday destination and why: Nicaragua - the weather is perfect, the locals are ace, and its always offshore - whoop whoop!

What essential items do you pack in your suitcase for a trip? Boardies, sunblock and my camera - there are never too many sunset pics!

Top 3 tunes: 1. Mr Scruff "Get a Move On"; 2. Toots & Maytals "54-46"; 3. Sublime "What I Got"

How do you stay in shape? With difficulty! Mainly surfing and skiing and lots of long hikes.

Favourite foods: Avocado (yum yum and more yum) and crispy seaweed with Nasi Goreng - mmmmm!

Must-have beauty product: Touche Eclait - covers up my bags from the night before. Apart from that, just a healthy natural tan.

Favourite clothing brands: Volcom, WESC, Etnies and Primark (you gotta love a bargain!)

Which celeb's style do you admire? Gwen Stefani - she always looks good, and like she doesn't give a sh*t either.

Favourite quote: Mr Scruff says it all for me... "Get a move on!" - I HATE lazy people!

Before I die I want to: Own a little shack in north Cornwall with a tasty man, lots of dogs, and have bred a mini team of pro surfers - haha!