Name: Cathy Waite

Age: 26

From: Devon

Briefly describe yourself: A lively fun person who works helping disadvantaged people back into jobs or training, I have a cool 3 year old daughter called Josie and a snowboarding mad husband who has given me the bug too. I love spending time at the beach especially when there is no one else there on sunny winter days, taking photographs, discovering new places, meeting new people and eating great food :-)

Biggest rush: Learning to snowboard properly and trying to keep up with my husband.

Scariest moment: Having to stand up and talk about myself in my job in front of lots of people.

Favourite riders: Girl snowboarders rock! I have complete admiration for their standard of riding as it's not an easy sport to grasp and it involves lots of nasty injuries.

Favourite holiday destination and why: I like anywhere with mountains and blue skies, I am begging my husband to take me to lake Louise (hopefully one day).

What essential items do you pack in your suitcase for a trip? Beanies, Sunglasses, Books

Top 3 tunes: She moves in her own way-The Kooks, Made you feel better- Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Numb-Linkin Park

How do you stay in shape? Stress and running around after a 3 year old:

Favourite foods: Pasta

Must-have beauty product: A good moisturiser

Favourite clothing brands: Volcom, Roxy, Wesc, Etnies.

Which celeb's style do you admire? I prefer surf/skate fashion to celebs.

Favourite quote: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

Before I die I want to: Live in the mountains own a husky and have lots of great stories that I can tell my grandkids.