Name: Charlotte Dutton

From: London

Sponsors: O’Neill Clothing, Palmer Snowboards, Alsford Timber

Briefly describe yourself… I’m a fashion model & a pro snowboarder & snowboard coach. I also am the face of the British Luxury Club.

Talk us through your average day… I don’t have an average day, ha ha, nothing in my life is very average – sometimes I’m snowboarding, sometimes I’m teaching snowboarding...

How long have you been riding? Since I was 12.

Best achievement: 1st Brit to win prize money in the US Open, 4th place in the World Jr Championships.

Best trick: 540

Biggest rush: Power days.

Scariest moment: Breaking my ankle in Meribel.

Favourite riders: I don’t have a favorite rider, I like riding with anyone who is up for having fun on the hill.

Favourite place to ride and why: Whistler Blackcomb Canada – because it’s never too crowded, it’s my home mountain (where I have my house) and all my friends are there.

What essential items do you pack in your suitcase for a trip? Snowboard kit, Sony Ericsson Walkman W710i mobile phone, going out clothes and heels.

Top 3 tunes: Anything dance hall.

How do you stay in shape? I worry a lot and rush around because I’m always running late (usually because of London transport - damn the tube)!

Top training tip: For Snowboarding the leg press in the gym is a must. I think swimming is good for overall fitness especially if you snowboard and have had broken bones and generally abused your body over the years - it’s better on your joints and body than running.

Favourite foods: Cereal - ha, ha I know that’s boring but I love it and I have at least two bowls a day. I also love hot and sour soup.

Must-have beauty product: Mascara.

Beauty tip: Cleanse and moisturise your face day and night.

Favourite clothing brands: Vintage because it’s always made better, Frank Usher vintage is cool! Loved t-shirt rock, O’Neill’s technical range.

Fashion tip: If in doubt wear black (black is always the new black) and don’t listen to what other people say, if you like it wear it! I often get funny look when I wear my superman outfit to Waitrose ha, ha! Oh and learn to walk in heels from a young age - they are elegant and beautiful!

Which celeb’s style do you admire? I don’t admire anyones style in particular. I prefer to refer to eras. Twiggy was cool and Blondie was cool because they were both unique in their clothing and look.

Favourite quote: "Enjoy life, there is plenty of time to be dead."

Before I die I want to: Achieve all my goals, but they are secret!!