Meli is a Spanish snowboarder who used to spend her evenings knitting beanies for herself and her friends. Everybody liked her beanies and wanted one, so eventually she took the step of starting to produce in a factory to meet the strong demand of her products as well as to put in practice all of her creativeness and ideas.

All Laxavala products are manufactured in Barcelona, in a small family company with 15 female workers. Her beanies are mostly made of acrylic materials because they are easy to wash, they don’t lose their shape, they don’t grow little balls and the colours don’t fade. Laxavala also has an organic line, though, made with bamboo.

She designs all of her products herself, with feedback from teamriders and friends.

Laxavala headwear is sold in specialized stores in Spain, Andorra, Austria, Norway, Slovenia, Germany and soon in remote countries such as New Zealand and Australia.

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