Bored talking about Coco Ho naked's shoot for ESPN's body issue? So are we! In fact we didn't even bother to post Jamie Anderson's shots for discussion as we're so over it all. So sorry this really is our last post on the matter but the photographer behind the lens of the shoot Morgan Maassen has done a little interview with the Inertia (which you can read here).

Morgan Maassen is an awesome photographer (follow him on facebook here), who somehow manages to find a fresh angle on surf snapping, see for example this epic shot of Steph Gilmore:

"I am surfer, hear me ROAR!" Credit: Morgan Maassen

And it's a cool interview, including heaps of insight about the shoot day which confirm our standard thoughts on the soundness of Coco Ho. Plus it's sweet to know her boyfriend the snowboarder Mark McMorris was there to keep things mellow (read about them in our best power couples in action sports piece HERE!).

Buuuuuuuttt the interview does include one sentence that depressed the hell out of us.

[part title="Read Morgan's comments below"]

alana blanchard

Morgan is asked if he has any thoughts on the discussion around how women are portrayed in surf and he says:

I think women need to be portrayed respectfully and not objectified, but at the same time their whole existence, industry, and careers are supported by bikini brands. Unfortunately, it has edged some girls out of the industry because they were deemed “unmarketable," but it has also laid the foundation for girls to both surf professionally and be used in lieu of models. Girls like Stephanie Gilmore, Laura Enever, Felicity Palmateer, Malia Manuel, etc. are really amazing and inspiring in both realms.

He's right, it's definitely better that bikinis are sold to us by sporty looking surfers rather than skinny models so life has certainly got better in that sense, but sadly he's also right about the flip side that it has "edged some girls out of the industry because they were deemed unmarketable." Can you imagine a guy surfer being pushed out of the industry for not being hot enough or a footballer? Jeez some of the world's most famous footballers aren't remotely 'marketable' in that coding of the word and it's just the shittest message ever for young girls growing up, and already fretting about their form and faces not matching those hurled at them 24/7 from various brands' ad campaigns, as Laura Enever touches on in this interview, which you can watch here.

The world is broken but we haven't got the faintest idea how to fix it.

If you want to make your brain ache, read more about these kind of issues HERE