Name: Daniela Roth

Age: 28

From: Winterthur, Switzerland

Sponsors: O'Neill, Nidecker, Vans, Scott, DaKine

Briefly describe yourself ... Most of the time I live the life of a professional snowboarder, spend a lot of time on the beautiful mountains or travel around. When I'm at home I work sometimes for a health insurance company to get some extra money which pays for my surf journeys to Indonesia. I like most to be out in nature and I also love good food, Yoga and partying with my friends.

Talk us through your average day... Wake up early, do some Yoga, eat a good breakfast and spent the day on the mountain, hopefully with some fresh powder :-)! Do some stretching, take a hot shower or even better a bubble bath, cook something yammy and eat it together with friends and a good glass of red wine. Chill at home or go out for a good night drink.

How long have you been riding? 12 years

Best achievement: 2nd TTR SB-Jam, 3rd TTR O'Neill pro freestyle

Best trick: Powderturn

Biggest rush: Last year, I arrived at the airport 20 minutes before my flight departure and somehow still managed to catch my plane!

Scariest moment: Flying too far over a kicker. It's not a good feeling to be in the air and see that you've flown further than the landing goes and have to land on that horrible flat space - auuuutsch!

Favourite riders: Natasza Zurek because she rocks everywhere.

Favourite place to ride and why: Hasliberg, great backcountry, great park and my friends!

What essential items do you pack in your suitcase for a trip? Thermos bottle, Bikini, Chocolate

Top 3 tunes: Annie "Hearbeat", Katie Melua "Perfect" and anything by Green Day

How do you stay in shape? Do lots of sport and eat healthily.

Top training tip: Do the sports that you like to do and, even better, do them with your friends!

Favourite foods: I love all sorts of asian food, specially Thai, yummy!

Must-have beauty product: Basil face mask, it's the perfect thing after a long night!

Beauty tip: Eat healthily, do some sports and sleep enough.

Favourite clothing brands: O'Neill, Vans

Fashion tip: Have a personal style

Which celeb's style do you admire? Madonna

Favourite quote: Live your dreams

Before I die I want to: Travel the world and stay healthy and happy.