Considering how sexy surfing's gotten recently (shower scene trailer for a ASP Women's World Tour event anyone?) we were a little surprised to find none of them had made the naked cut for ESPN Magazine's 'Body Issue' 2013. But then Steph Gilmore did de-robe for 2011's issue.

The Olympic and X Games stomping half pipe snowboarder Elena Hight, of double backside alley oop rodeo fame, who we've interviewed for the next issue, did however and she looks pretty damn athletic. Even though this shot kinda reminds us of drunken Brit skiers daring each other to do the home run naked in Val d'Isere for 'bants'.


And taking this shot must have been like a lawsuit waiting to happen, we'll leave you to fill in the caption in your best Fosters-ad voice…

elena hight espn

But I don't know there is something at the very least interesting about these ESPN 'body issue' shots. Maybe because they sit alongside naked male athletes it makes them seem less predatory. Plus even though Elena's starkers she's not making 'come hither' eyes at us or looking all sultry and sexy, which is weird but welcome. It makes it easier to focus on her as an athlete, which is the premise of the 'body issue', or so ESPN tell us anyway. The snowboard boots are a nice touch too or a ridiculous one, depending on your persuasion.

But whatever ignore us what do you think? Sexy/classy/nonsense? Tell us below the line or on our facebook or twitter pages and you can see the whole story in all its glory here on ESPN