Surfing Day 2008 hits a beach near you on 22nd June

After 4 years of success in France, "La Fête du Surf" is taking their celebration of surf culture to the next level this year and moving to a European dimension with a European Surfing Day.

Initiated and coordinated by EuroSIMA (European Surf Industry Manufacturers Association), la Fête du Surf has extended its reach this year to more than 15 European countries. The Surfing Day benefits from the support and collaboration of the European Surfing Federation but the success of the day can be dedicated to the collective participation of the federations, surf schools, shapers, brands, shops, environmental and surf associations... which will all be organizing local events for the general public.

Wave riders from every corner of Europe (England, Wales, Ireland, Canaries Islands, Spain, Portugal, Marocco, Israel, Italy, Germany, Swiss, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Netherlands) will meet on different beaches to take part in 500 activities including beach volleyball, concerts, surf demos, bodyboarding, art and photography exhibitions, surf carnivals, beach parties, competitions, sea rescue demos and environmentally-friendly talks.

Celia, 34, from Hossegor, says: "Last year’s fiesta was gorgeous! I took a surfing lesson with Pauline Ado, the European Junior Champion. Her advice and kindness were invaluable and within an hour, we all managed to catch a wave! I’ll be there with friends this year to enjoy this great day together. That’s for sure!"

For more info on your local events go to the Surfing Day website.