New for 2012, Hurley, Billabong, and the ASP have announced a new stop on the world surf tour at Manly Beach in Sydney, Australia, often claimed as the birthplace of Aussie surf. A six star event on the tour, the dates for the Australian Open of Surfing have been set for the 11th-19th February 2012, and in the style of the US Open of Surfing in Cali, will be both a mens and womens event, including a whole host of other fun and games, merging surf with skate demos, fashion and art. The US Open attracts an incredible audience of 500,000, and Hurley founder Bob Hurley was stoked to announce the latest incarnation, “After the incredible success of the US Open of Surfing, our next thought was that it would be amazing to do an event at the ground zero of modern surfing, Manly Beach in Sydney." Hell yeah!!