The Australian Open of Surfing kicked off in Manly Beach yesterday and set off the 2012 ASP World Tour title race with a bang, with our former cover girl Sally Fitzgibbons and Pro Chat star Laura Enever scoring 17.83 and 17.60s out of a possible 20s in the first round already.

The rest of this new league of surf amazons didn't have a bad start either. Lakey Peterson went from 4th place to first in the last 5 minutes of her opening round heat and Coco Ho never even questioned her lead thanks to super smooth style, only rookie of last year Tyler Wright got eliminated by Bianca Buitendag.

With the first contest of the season rocketing off in the first heats already, we're more than curious what kind of a show the girls have planned for us over the rest of the year...

Highlights Rounds 1-3