A very different program, the Urban Bike Shorts, is a collection of short films ranging from 1 minute to 13 minutes which are submitted to the festival by directors and wannabe directors all over the world. Tailored to the hosting city, many were set in London by British directors. Highlights included the rather trippy The Pigeon, about a courier (dressed as a pigeon) ostracized from the mainstream society. He rides hard and drinks harder. All that changes when he meets a blue tit...sounds crazy, it makes sense if you watch it, kinda. The shortest but the sweetest were The Messenger's Creed, a 2 min hippocatric oath of the cycle messenger. Pixel Gear Bikes, an animation based on the Paperboy 2 videogame from the 80s is original in its concept and humourous in its delivery. One Less Horse, but Intersection magazine editor, Yorgo Tloupas pitches three horse polo players against three bike polo players. Did we ever find out who won?!

The festival moves to Copenhagen next, where the fun is just about to start rolling.