Yes, the ASP is full on rolling again and Hawaiian super rookie Coco Ho has already bagged her second consecutive title in Brazil by defeating Pauline Ado (FRA) in the ASP 6-Star Maresia Girls International.

“I’m very happy, Brazil was already special for me, and now it’s still even more", said legendary Hawaiian surfer Michel Ho’s daughter. “I congratulate Pauline (Ado) for her competitiveness in these waves which were very small and inconsistent; I think I was lucky to find the best ones to win. It’s so good being here in Brazil; I got lots of friends here, besides that, I was able to show that I can surf well in different kinds of waves".

On the decisive Thursday at the Maresia Girls International the swell dropped noticeably at Praia Mole. The 2-3 feet sets were taking a long time to come through, and this has made even more important the wave selection. Taking advantage of this factor the young Hawaiian exceeded, giving no chance to anyone who crossed his way in the competition’s last day; she defeated Anali Gomez on the quarter finals and Jacqueline Siva on the semifinals.

On the title’s decision, once again Coco Ho surfed the best waves the entire heat. The French Pauline Ado even got a good wave in the dying minutes of the final, but wasn’t enough to turn the heat, which finished with the Hawaiian winning by 9.50 to 8.60.

“I’m a little bit disappointed to not get the win, but it’s still a good result for me, I stepped up significantly in the ranking and in addition my performance here in Brazil strengthened my confidence", said Pauline Ado, who jumped from 13th to 5th position on the ASP Women’s Star. “This is my second WQS final and now it’s time to go to Hawaii where everything will be decided. I’m confident that I can qualify to the World Tour, and I hope to celebrate it there".

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