So what's this all about you ask?

The show combines street artist, graphic design and illustration with fine arts and tattoos in a unique crossover event. But the actual clue is that all the handmade drawings of the invited artists will be burned at the end of the show! The only way for the drawings to survive the flames is to be bought and inked into someones’ skin, making each design a unique tattoo.

Intrigued? Go check it out and maybe get your very own art to go...

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Artist involved are Clyde Barrow (UK), Fos (UK), French (UK), Funkfu (Czech Rep),
 Jef & Kostek @La Boucherie Moderne (Belgium/Berlin), Ilk (France), Jeykill (France),
 Marke Newton (UK/Paris), Odö (France), Cristina Petrucci (UK), Prunelle (France),
 Scien+Klor & Dean @123klan (France/Montreal), Charlie Shazer (UK), Ssur (Russia/USA), Spoe (France), Superdeux (France/San Francisco), Timothée Talard (France), Simon True (UK), Chloe Trujillo (L.A.) and Xghetto666 (Mexico).