SRI is an artist and illustrator of Eurasian heritage, who grew up in South East Asia and the UK. The experience of this mixed background provides a significant influence in her work. SRI's inspiration is the synthesis of her exposure to, and interest in diverse cultures, with ideas being generated from an abundant spectrum of visual, mythological and multicultural sources, with a recurrent theme of nature and the elements; portrayal of land, sea, sky, trees, mountains, clouds and flowers underpin this notion. Her work is predominantly characterised by an unusual fusion of fantastical worlds, gentle surrealism and delicate femininity. This is however, anchored with a deeper, more meaningful heartbeat that runs throughout.

Recent projects include being invited to participate in live art and workshop events at The Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Hayward and Tate Britain Galleries.

"Following on from my participation in the collaborative all-female dance, DJ and graffiti event 'Girls Love Eastpak' held in conjunction with B Supreme 'Women in Hip Hop' Festival; I was really pleased at being invited to exhibit at the new Eastpak Gallery. Working towards the show has given me the space to further develop my ideas and rise to the challenge of producing a solo exhibition"

SRI will be presenting a collection entitled Archipelago for the Eastpak Gallery, showing a new compilation of canvases.

Launches Friday 16th July 2010

Eastpak Icon Store - No.1 Carnaby Street, London, W1F 9QF