Photo: Alex Lowe

We're all incredibly excited for the first Euro X Games and whether they will blow us away as the legendary mother event in the US.

During the women's Snowboard SuperPipe elimination yesterday it was riders who were almost blown away literally, fortunately the winds slowed down during the day though and Torah Bright proofed she's worth every ounce of her Olympic gold medal by scoring way above the other contestants without even pulling the bad boys. But also Ellery Hollingsworth impressed with huge back-to-back 7s as well as Sophie Rodriguez, who brought a whole school of kids to support her. Together with Kjersti Oestgaard Buaas, Mercedes Nicoll, and Kaitlyn Farrington they make up the finals on Friday.

FULL RESULTS: 1. Torah Bright 2. Ellery Hollingsworth 3. Sophie Rodriguez 4. Kjersti Oestgaard Buaas 5. Mercedes Nicoll 6. Kaitlyn Farrington 7. Cilka Sadar 8. Ursina Haller 9. Linn Haug 10. Elena Hight 11. Sarka Pancochova 12. Anne-Sophie Pellissier 13. Mirabelle Thovex 14. Sina Candrian 15. Cheryl Maas