Supported by sunny Spring conditions, Claudia Fliri (AUT) won her first Ticket To Ride World Snowboard Tour contest at the last all-girl Tour stop, the Intergirlactik. The TTR 3 Star Slopestyle event took place at Les 7 Laux, France, from 4th-7th April, 2007.

The last scheduled stop on the Women’s TTR World Snowboard Tour 06/07, Intergirlactik ended the Women’s 3-6 STAR Calendar with a 25-girl line-up of Europe’s finest female freestylers. Saturday’s Finals brought out a field of 10 best qualifiers and 8 invited riders to a best-of-two-run format 18-rider Final at Les 7 Laux’s H05 crew-shaped Slopestyle park.

In a fun contest that showcased women’s creative snowboarding, it was Claudia Fliri who impressed the judges most, her best run included a clean frontside 720 on the big kicker, followed by a backside 360, nose-grab on the hip and a 50/50 180 out on the uprail. Fliri claimed 550 TTR Ranking Points and ends her TTR 06/07 season at the World No.19 spot on the Women’s TTR World Ranking List presented by Swatch.

An overjoyed Fliri said: "It was pretty great. It was sunny and soft snow. The park was good and the kickers were nice. I like to ride TTR events and feel happy that I get to win an event at the end of the season. I’m stoked!"

Vicci Miller (GBR) claimed 2nd place through a solid backside 360, cab 540, frontside board-slide on the kinked rail, 50/50 180 out to finish the season one ranking spot above Fliri at TTR World No.18. Lisa Filmoser (AUT) stomped a big 540 frontside tail-grab, a Cab 540, a mute grab on the hip, finishing with a 50/50 on the rail to win her a podium 3rd and ends the Tour as TTR World No.20.

Two further TTR points-earning 2 Star events for rookie girls take place later this month. The Men’s TTR Calendar closes with TTR 3 Star Slopestyle event Snickers Classic & Popcorn Wallride in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, between 19th-22nd April, 2007.