All girls from across Europe are fondly invited to join and they do, coming from Spain, Paris, Switzerland, the UK and all corners of Germany to bag a piece of the 2,000 euros prize purse. There’s a yummy BBQ and a warm up session the night before the contest for all early birds, while accreditation only starts around noon on the Saturday.

Beside some nice action, spectators can also look forward to the exhibition of shots by professionals photographers like Nikki Toole or Ester Vonplon, as well as the skaters themselves


Friday – 22nd April 2011

BBQ at Skatehalle-Berlin 20:00

Start of Warm-Up-Session: 21:00

Saturday – 23rd April 2011

Accreditation: 12:00 bis 13:30

Practice for all riders: 12:00 bis 14:00

Street Qualification: 14:00 bis 15:50

Vert: 16:00 bis 16:50

Street Semifinal & Final (Jam): 17:00 bis 18:30

Best Trick Session: 18:40 bis 19:00

Award Ceremony: 19:30

Aftershowparty at Cassiopeia: 22:00

The area around the Cassiopeia Music Club, including the Skatehalle Berlin, a climbing cone, a summer garden and an open air cinema in summer, is one of a kind in Berlin and an appropriate venue for skateboarding events, such as the ‘New Kids On The Block’ skateboard contest, ‘Change of Guard’, ‘Adidas Skateboard Clash’ and the ‘Clash 2010’. The cassiopeia area is a qualified location for hosting national and international skateboard contest on a small and large scale. With its size of 900 m² great skate sessions on the street course of the skatepark are promised. The half pipe, with a height of 4,20m and a width of 18m, offers enough space for big airs and grabs. The spectator area will be enlarged in Spring 2011 to provide more room for up to 750 guests. The Cassiopeia Club contains of three areas divided up on two floors, including two bars and a stage. Another 750 people fit in there.