Those eco-friendly folks at howies are famed for using their business to try and change the things that they care about, hence why they voluntarily pay an 'Earth Tax' on each product they make. This year, these Earth Tax funds will be used to fund a series of lectures to help give people the tools to help them change the things they care about.

The Do lectures will be all about getting a handful of speakers together at Fforest Farm in Cardigan, West Wales from 4th - 8th September in the hope that they may inspire you to do something!

howies will supply some great accommodation for free, in a great setting at Fforest Farm and cook you some nice local food. They'll also get a couple of their favourite bands down, and - fingers crossed - they've put in a request for some sunshine too!

There are only 75 spots, with the lucky chosen people receiving free accommodation and good local food - all you'll need to pay for is your travel costs. If you are interested in attending, please write a handwritten letter telling us why and what you hope to DO. Send it for the attention of Alison to howies, Bath House Road, Cardigan, West Wales SA43 1JY.

For those who are not picked, howies will be building a website where they will upload every talk for those who can't attend.