The New Zealand Open were the first major competition of the women's leg of the TTR tour 2010/11 and Jamie Anderson powered right through the endless fog and rain. Her run consisting of a boardslide-to-tailpress on the down bar, a frontside 180 out on the up box, switch backside 180 mute, backside 360 mute, and a backside 180 mute managed to bump her up not only to the top spot of the competition but also to the top spot for the TTR world tour. Local New Zealander, Shelly Gotlieb, had a good day and finished in second place while Kjersti Ostgaard Buaas (NOR) rounded out the podium in third place. With their podium finishes today, Gotlieb moved into the World No. 5 spot and Buaas is now sitting in the World No. 2 position in the Swatch TTR World Rankings.

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