As you might already know, howies does not only make beautiful, eco friendly clothes, they also support young, talented artists in their Staircase Gallery in their shop on Carnaby Street in London.

In March, it's going to filled with an exhibition of illustrator Jessie Ford from Brighton.

If you want to know more, read her bio below and check her pieces out in the howies store during March 2010.

Brighton based illustrator Jessie Ford has been busily producing her colourful compositions for a wide range of clients since graduating from Bath in 2002.

Jessie first learnt the ropes whilst working as an agent for Central the Illustration Agency, scooting round London's top firms by day and drawing into the night. However her illustrations soon became very much in demand and she upped roots to breezy Brighton to pursue the life of a full time illustrator, where she can still be found today, collecting beautiful scraps of paper that catch her eye and shooing off pesky seagulls.

Jessie's artwork combines graphic shapes and textured layers, often using silhouetted figures and typographic elements in her work to produce a finished result that has a silk-screened look to it.