TignesFest will be kicking off in Tignes, France from 17th - 20th April 2008. This fresh, new and - most importantly - free festival is set to showcase some brand spanking new musical talent including... A Human, Alex Metric, Alex Skt, Autokratz live, The Bloody Beetroots, Boy 8-Bit, Chris Lung, Cristal Palace Band, Dark Jedis, David E. Sugar, James Yuill, Kissy Sell Out featuring Dan M, Naomi Roper, Poney Poney, Primary 1, South Central, The Shoes, Tokyoyoyo, Trash Fashion, Trevoy Loveys and curators Eddy Temple Morris, The Loose Cannons and Kissy Sell Out.

From DJs to live bands and exclusive acoustic sets, it's set to be a long weekend of skiing, snowboarding, socialising and sounds.

To join the free party, {encode="Clare@tignes.co.uk" title="contact Clare"} who is very kindly fixing up super–cheap deals to anyone travelling out to TignesFest.