The second stop of the Freeride World Tour went down in Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France, last weekend and saw French rider Margot Rozies score her second second place in a row, embedded by Americans Maria Debari in first and Shannan Yates in third place.

"I was not expecting to win at all although I did ride my chosen line," said Maria after the contest - and that quote is pretty much all the info you can get about the women's contest, as despite having videos of the top 3 runs of the men's for snowboard AND ski, there is not even a paragraph about the female riders, and no images, let alone moving ones...

Good news is that we met up with Margot for a little chat, to which you can look forward this Friday...


1. Maria Debari, USA

2. Margot Rozies, FRA

3. Shannan Yates, USA

4. Iris Lazzareschi, USA

5. Liz Kristoferitsch, AUT

6. Maria Kuzma, NZL

7. Elodie Mouthon, FRA

8. Ursula Wohlschlager, AUT/GER