The Nikita Chickita Europe event blitzed the slopes of Serfaus from 5-6 April 2008. With fabulous weather and a buzzing atmosphere, the stage was set for an exciting contest.

The Nikita Chickita is a relaxed, open girls-only slopestyle snowboard contest. Riders came from all over including Italy, Croatia, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, USA and Canada. All in all, 19 girls took to the mountain for the women’s contest. Eleven went through to the women’s finals where deciding judges Julia Baumgartner and Vinzenz Lüps were suitably impressed with the standard of riding. First, second and third places were clear whilst placing four to eight made for some difficult decisions.

After just missing out on a podium place last year, Ana Rumiha came out fighting and was a clear winner with some safe and stylish runs. She did three different runs in the finals, the last of which consisted of a backside 180, frontside 360 indy and she was the only girl who bonked the tree with a nice frontside 180, then frontside 360 on the wall. She won 1,000 Euros and the much-coveted one-year Nikita contract.

Next up Nikita’s Czech Republic team rider Bohdana Šebestová showed versatility, grabbing second place and 500 Euros with a backside 360 tailgrab, backside 180, was the only competitor to gap the kinked box to 50:50 and then pulled a rock revert on the wall. Closely behind followed Maude Richon in a much-deserved third place and 250 Euros. The Swiss Nikita team rider started her best run with a nose grab, backside 360 melon, clinched an impressive move on the butterbox to nosepress on the picnic table before finishing with a rock revert on the wall.

The shapers, led by Mexx and Flori, made an excellent job of the course and also included a self-made ice bar to serve drinks and BBQ food throughout the day.

Founder of Nikita Clothing Heida Birgisdottir said: “It’s great to see how much the girls are progressing, not only in tricks, but also in style. I’m stoked that we at Nikita have been able to create an event where the girls get together and push each other without the ‘contest pressure’ in the air. They are just hanging out and chatting between runs, the atmosphere is super friendly - and I think that’s exactly why they are pushing themselves to new levels here today."

Women's Final Results 1. Ana Rumiha (Croatia) 2. Bohdana Šebestová (Czech Republic) 3. Maude Richon (Switzerland) 4. Anja Stefan (Croatia) 5. Elena Kenz (Switzerland) 6. Sandy Gecek (Austria) 7. Hanka Voyteckovska (Czech Republic) 8. Helen Wyss (Switzerland) 9. Agnieszka Rusin (Poland) 10. Cristina Tuberosa (Italy) 11. Sandra Graf (Switzerland)