Nikita are back with the second photoshoot contest opportunity!

Twice a year, Nikita takes its latest and greatest clothing collection to an amazing exotic location to shoot the catalogue photos with the Nikita team girls. Now, you have the chance to be a special guest and join them on the shoot!

The Nikita photoshoot contest picks out two lucky ladies, selected from hundreds of entries, to earn themselves some cool photos along with some great times with the Nikita crew and of course, a bundle of new clothes to take home!

For your chance to be a Nikita gal on the next trip happening October 2008, simply enter the contest! The winning girls (one from the US and one from Europe) will be flown to the secret location where the photoshoot will be held to spend a few days hanging out with the Nikita crew.


Get snappy with some sassy snaps of yourself and {encode="" title="e-mail them over"}. Photos can be as funny, wild and creative as you want.

Name, address, date of birth and contact details are essential, so please don’t forget to include them. You can send in as many pictures as you want but total file size of all the pictures must not exceed 2 MB. {encode="" title="E-mail your entries"} before 15th September 2008.

Please note that entrants must be 18 years old or over as of October 1st 2008. Entrants must also have a valid passport.

Your entries will be showcased via Nikita’s website, Myspace, Facebook and Mpora! Make it happen and make it good!

You can check out some of the winner’s entries from last year here.