While ispo held Munich in firm grip, the Nixon ART MOSH made sure everyone also get some art in.

In partnership with ispo and Factory Media, the event paid it's first visit to the Bavarian capital on Sunday 6th and Monday 7th of February in the Old Post Office in Munich, a warehouse-style loft space, which was the perfect spot to discover some emerging talent from the German art scene and an eclectic mix of fine artists, graphic designers, photographers and illustrators. The creativity of the Nixon production team and artists, combined with an unusual venue, combined to transform this edgy venue into a 2-nights only art and music experience.

Nixon supports emerging and established talent in the fields of art and music, and unites artists and production team with the common goal of creating buzzy, energetic “Pop Up" exhibitions.

The show sponsored by ispo featured artwork from the board sports world with work from Onboard's Ed in Chief Danny Burrows, Axel Pauporte, Mike Blablac and YES represented by Romain de Marchi and JP Solberg.

There was also a strong contingent of influential artists all of which are renowned in Germany including founding members of Maclaim crew Herakut and Case as well as artists Wolfgang Krelle, Pisa 73 and Stefan Strumble.

The Nixon ART MOSH in Munich once again exhibited works from the “Monsters" project, which involved collaborations with multi-Grammy Awards nominee Adele and Nottingham-born soul musician Liam Bailey; Tomomi Sayuda created an interactive installation “iBum100", inspired by the typical British “Carry On" style sense of humour. Visitors could have their bottoms immortalised by a white leather chair, neatly concealing a scanner.

Renowned photographer and graffiti writer Alex Fasko had his work stolen and this subject was shrouded in mystery and added another dimension to the show.

The temporary exhibition also showcased items from Nixon’s exclusive LTD Collection as well as imagery and unpublished photography from Nixon own archives. Entertainment was turned out by I blame Coco playing with Age Salajoe, Arveene, DJ Lod from Paris, DJ E.A.S.E and Little Boots, who continued the party at the Bob Beaman Club.

Future Nixon ART MOSH events are scheduled for April 29th in Norway. For the unlucky people who didn’t get to experience this “Pop Up" exhibition, the artwork will be available to view and purchase online at artmosh.com.

Featured artists at ART MOSH Munich:

Richie Culver (UK) Morgan Slade (LA) AKA Hornhead (UK) Anton Unai (Germany) Stefan Strumbel (Germany) Tomomi Sayuda (UK) Danny Burrows (UK) James Unsworth (UK) Kelsey Brooke ( UK) Yoskay Yamamoto (LA) Neil Ayling (UK) Jaybo Monk (Germany) Wolfgang Krell (Germany) Axel Pauporté (Belgium) Yes (Switzerland) Moto 777 (Denmark) Niall O’Brian (UK) Andrew Hem (LA) Case (Germany) Herakut (Germany) Andreas Muller (UK) Filtr (UK) Alex Fasko (Italy) Sawdust (UK) Alexander James (UK) Faith 47 (South Africa) Dan Baldwin (UK) Pisa 73 (Germany) Mike Blablac (US)