“We are very happy to be holding this event once again in 2010. We want to stage the event every year. It’s so encouraging to see how much the surfers, the media and the public appreciate the fact that the world’s best male and female surfers come to surf the waves of this great country. Along the coastline are some really excellent spots and unbelievable waves. We’re as motivated as ever to host the ASP Tour at Peniche once again, especially at the Supertubos spot. It’s a world-class wave that is certainly one of the best beach breaks in the world!" says Francisco Spinola, Marketing Manager for Rip Curl Portugal and the project coordinator.

Supertubos is a powerful wave that is fuelled by the long and deep swells coming from the Atlantic Ocean, which can reach up to 4 to 5 metres in height. Because it looks so similar to the Hawaiian Banzai Pipeline, many surfers have nicknamed this wave ‘the European pipe’. During the Rip Curl Pro Search in October 2009, the wave was pretty dangerous, guaranteeing not only some sensational surfing, but also some nasty injuries for some of the pro riders (including Owen Wright, knocked out in the semi-final).