"Smile On Your Brother" was co-curated by Mike Giles and Annie Lam from the Canadian charity CONTRIBUTOR and Bob Kronbauer of Club Mumble. They invited a special selection of international artists to decorate hand crafted, vintage shaped, oak skateboards which were donated by Element.

The aim of the exhibition is to inspire people to think about their first skateboard and what it meant to them, as this in most cases represented a pivotal moment in their lives.

The customized boards will be auctioned on-line from August 24th - October 25th, 2009. The proceeds are going towards purchasing 100 skateboards for disadvantaged youth living in poverty in Canada.

From August 24th to October 20th, the travelling art show will be exhibiting the collection of boards in Vancouver, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec.

To see the online auction go to wearecontributors.com To find out more about Amber B go to elementeden.com