Helly Hansen has signed up a team of pro adventure racers to represent the brand at some of the most extreme multi-sport, endurance and adventure races across the globe in 2007.

Athletes Mark Humphrey, Howard Lowe, Nicola MacLeod and Ski Sharp are Team Helly Hansen UK. They will battle it out with some of the toughest athletes on earth at the Wilderness Arc Adventure Racing World Championships in the Scottish Highlands, 24 May–2 June, plus compete in all four Helly Hansen Adventure Challenge events in 2007.

Combined backgrounds in climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, sailing, running and orienteering ensure Team Helly Hansen UK are well prepared. Having raced together for seven years Team Helly Hansen UK will also be seen throughout 2007 competing in the Trans Rockies seven day mountain biking event; the Full Monty 24 hour non stop event involving intensive paddling, biking and trekking across the Welsh border; the Polaris two day mountain bike orienteering challenge and a variety of urban adventure rat races. To find out more about the team visit www.teamhellyhansenuk.com.

Team member Howard Lowe says: "We are thrilled to be representing Helly Hansen at our adventure races this year. It’s crucial for us to be wearing kit that is able to perform in the most extreme and often desperate conditions. From buoyancy aids and dry suits to running tights, base layers, jackets, cycling clothes and even shoes Helly Hansen has come up with the right gear for our needs every time."

Team Helly Hansen UK will be racing in a selection of kit from the summer 07 collection.