The legendary Animal Bike Tour returns for 2008, with 40 stops lined up at this summer's top sports events.

For it's seventh year, the Bike Tour has raised the bar again, with the ‘08 rig offering a more skate park feel with a new ramp set up, ¼ pipe and rail combo’s, where world class riders Martyn Ashton and Sam Pilgrim will be performing freestyle bike demos and laying down some massive moves.

Martyn Ashton says: “The new rig is awesome, almost all the kit has moved up in height, as well as in technical difficulty. The riding around the arena is now far more fluid and viewing is improved, 2008 looks set to be another great year."

There will be plenty of opportunities to win some very special tour gear at each stop. The next stops to hit the UK will be from 13-15th June at the NASS Action Sports & Music Festival, Bath Show Ground and 20-22nd June at the Gold Coast Ocean Festival in Croyde. Check out the full schedule for an event near you.