If you thought all the globe's top surfers resided in tropical spots like Hawaii and Tahiti, think again. In 2008, the UK Pro Surf Tour is promising to be even bigger and better with events to be held throughout the UK from Thurso East to Cornwall. The schedule of contests will allow surfers to compete at the highest level and push their skills to the limit.

The tour will raise not just the profile of the individual surfers but also the venues for the events. With the inclusion of Men’s, Women’s, Pro Junior and Grommet divisions the tour aims to help encourage the development of competitive surfing across the UK.

This year, organisers have also formed the UK Pro Surf Association to provide a non-profit, democratic organisation to govern the tour. Their responsibilities will include providing the rules and regulations for how the surfers compete and all members will also have an opportunity to decide how the tour develops.

Chairman of UK Pro Surf Association, John Owen, says: “Forming this association is an important step to help the growth of the tour. Surfers will now have the opportunity to help control the direction the tour will take."

For more info on upcoming events, check out the UK Pro Surf Tour website.