If watching the US Open of Surfing at the weekend got you craving some sunny Californian vibe in pallid old Blighty then these two secret screenings of 80s classics could just what you need.

Future Cinema and California Tourism have teamed up to show two of our favourite ever 80s movies, The Lost Boys and Top Gun, at a secret riverside location in London on Saturday 3rd September (Lost Boys) and Sunday 4th September (Top Gun). This is as close as we'll ever get to our own drive-in movie theatre and we can barely contain our excitement.

Up to 4000 guests can attend each screening dressed as their favourite characters from the movie. Bagsy we go as Nanook!

To get your tickets head to welcometocalifornia.co.uk

And to remind you of the 80s greatness on offer, here's the original The Lost Boys trailer featuring the actual Santa Cruz boardwalk, gives us goosebumps, (RIP Corey Haim!)

Watch out for a feature on the 80s movies all self-respecting earthlings should watch later in the week.