Since firsts rarely go down completely smooth and easy, the inaugural World Snowboarding Championships in Oslo had a bit of a bumpy ride too last week, but in the end the first ever edition of this event turned out to be a great success.

After a sunny week the riders had to deal with a bit of fog and rain in the finals on the weekend, but the riding level stayed high nonetheless, with Kelly Clark bringing home her 15th half pipe win in a row and Spencer O'Brien snatching the title from Jamie Anderson with her very last run.

Kelly graced us with a winning run consisting of the obligatory frontside air followed by a BS 540 mute, FS 1080 mute, and Cab 720 mute, ending with an inverted FS 720, but is staring to get some fierce competition with Spaniard Queralt Castellet coming in just one point behind her. Third in row was Gretchen Bleiler.

The podium for the slopestyle finals was a tough one too, with 2 times TTR champ Jamie leading the field until Spencer's last run, including a noseslide, BS 540, switch BS 540, 50-50 and a huge FS 720 topped her off and got the Canadian in first.

And in case you missed the live stream, watch the winning runs right now right here!

Spencer O'Brien

Jamie Anderson

Enni Rukajärvi

Kelly Clark

Queralt Castellet

Gretchen Bleiler