This Easter I went to Spain again (third time in six months) to skydive in Seville. The drop zone there is just so great because they drop you at 15,000 feet, and not 12,500, which is standard at other places.

The two first weeks I attended a skills camp with a bunch of other Norwegians. I did over 100 jumps and it was just great to get to refine my freefly skills with some really good coaches.

The last week I had planned on going up to the Pyrenees with team friend Carlos Suaréz, but the weather was never on our side. Rain, snow, hail and extreme winds are not the best if you want to base jump. So in the end we ended up just hanging out in Madrid and playing golf instead… It was my first time, do not know if there will ever be a second time, but it is at least always good to try something new ;-)