If you happen to be in Hawaii any time soon (you lucky girl), make sure you switch on to channel OC16 to catch the brand new FLHI GIRLZ Sports TV. This new show brings women’s extreme action sports to the public with shows on surfing, skating, motocross, bodyboarding and more.

The channel, launched by Banzai Productions, is set to kick off the summer season with a series of 12 programmes on Monday nights at 9:30pm. Presented by Kori Harvey, the show will cover different sports from around the world. “This will be fun," said Harvey. “I am able to do a little acting as well as introducing star athletes to the public. Our goal is to promote, promote, promote. As a surfer I am totally into the lifestyle and can appreciate the difficulty of the different sports."

“Women’s sports are growing quickly," said producer Betty Depolito. “Women want to be professional athletes and this will be a good venue to tell the stories. There are so many great women athletes and only a tenth of the coverage, I want to change that."

The first show will cover China’s Uemura’s All Wahine Classic Surf Contest at Queens in Waikiki, where we meet some of Hawaii’s top surfer girls including Carissa Moore who won the prestigious longboard pro division, and Kelia Moniz who is taking longboarding by storm. The second programme features motocross competitor, Mercedes Santana, who at just 15-years-old, races on a 250 Honda with the men and wins! Also appearing will be pro surfer Rochelle Ballard showing her sports yoga poses, and tech buzz with Andres De La Tore.

This half hour action-packed show is set to be a must-see for adventure seekers hoping to delve into the core of beach culture and the soul of street sport.