Last weekend saw the premature finals of the Freeride World Tour 2013 go down at the Bec De Rosses in Verbier, to ensure safe conditions for the riders.

Matilda Rapaport from Sweden, who was only granted a wildcard to the prestigious finals in Switzerland after her stunning second place at the tourstop in Fieberbrunn-Pillersee Tal (AUT) last week, scored again, impressing the judges with very solid riding and several big jumps. Right behind her in second place was the second wildcard of the event, Austrian Lorraine Huber.

The crow for the overall tour champion for the Women's Skiing division went to fellow Austrian Nadine Wallner, who could have played it safe in Verbier as she had already secured the title after her victory in Fieberbrunn last week, put true champion that she is she went all in once again, demonstrating consistent, strong skiing, finishing third. And was super stoked about it all. “It’s hard to believe it. It’s my first year on the tour and I did not expect to win the overall title! I was focusing on each contest. Every competition is special and I was really stoked to ski the Bec des Rosses for the first time in such great conditions!"

The race in the field of the female snowboarder was very tight but through her fast and aggressive riding paid, France's Elodie Mouthon was able to impress the most. She was followed by local rookie Estelle Ballet from Switzerland, who is getting some extra respect for squeezing in in front of season favorite Margot Rozies.

In the end it wasn't quite enough for her to win though and the crown went to fellow country women Elodie Mouthon, who had a total of four podiums under her belt.“I am really thrilled to both win here today and win the world champion title. It’s my first season on the tour and I am happy with my overall results at each event. It helped me build confidence coming in to the finals today. I felt good on the face and my goal was to do a fluid but challenging run."

Photo: D. Daher/FWT